Rail Services






TransCool has operated within the Rail Industry since 1997. We have worked with Downer, Pacific National, Noske Keaser, Sigma, United Goninan’s and Sydney Trains. We specialise in tailor made solutions to meet the individual requirements for each customer.

TransCool are committed to Passenger Transport, so our focus is on reliability, availability and quality schedule servicing. To achieve this TransCool focus on high class workmanship, professional workshop facilities and failure data analysis on unscheduled breakdowns to assist in setting service scope of work and overhauls to minimise out of service time for our customers.

We have been coordinated a number of diverse projects that include:

  • Building and commissioning the NR Class locos
  • Manufacturing for Prospector passenger cars in Perth
  • Refurbishment of the GL’s class locos
  • Overhaul the 81 Class air conditioners
  • Overhaul of the 82/90 Class air conditioner units
  • Service & support the Hunter Valley passenger trains.

TransCool is experienced in scheduling and forecasting to meet customers schedule requirements. This is achieved by:

  • Ergonomically designed work stations enabling effective, safe work flow
  • Project specific work procedures and documentation developed for consistent quality and time efficiency.
  • Pre-fabricated components, pre-packaged overhaul/service kits to ensure proficient time management and cost efficiency
  • Coordination and communication with workshop management and technicians to guarantee a smooth transition from receiving the asset to dispatch as per schedule

TransCool has a high performance and high quality work culture with an emphasis on employee safety at all times. This is evident through our extensive Safety Management, Environmental Management and Quality Management Systems, which has been established and implemented in accordance with International Standard of Quality ISO 9001:2008.

TransCool continually improves the effectiveness of our Quality Management System through the effective application of our quality policy, quality objectives, auditing and data analysis, corrective and preventative action and management reviews.

Our Services

TransCool provide the following services:

  • Thorough service scheduling and planning management
  • Complete fleet rework management and recording
  • Timely freight logistics and coordination of assets
  • Customer onsite servicing and breakdowns
  • Standard services, overhauls and breakdowns
  • Design and manufacturing and refurbishments
  • Fleet management of customer assets
  • Service and failure data recording and management
  • Data logging and data analysis capabilities and reporting
  • Overhaul management
  • Overhaul design—based on failure & preventative maintenance data
  • Preparation of tender documents to your project specifications
  • Fabrication work
  • Spray painting of items up to 5 x 10 meters
  • Laser etching, labelling and tagging
  • Building maintenance
  • Unit history through extensive data collection to be used to predict future requirements